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‘The Story of Jozic’ – a free, narrative-driven railway management title from the developers of ‘Rail Route’ is now live on Steam

[21st June 2022 – Prague, CZ]: It’s time to don your conductor’s hat and dust off those old overalls – Rail Route: The Story of Jozic has today gone live on Steam. Completely free to play, The Story of Jozic propels players into the world of railroad dispatching. Players will take on the role of an apprentice train dispatcher being shown the ropes by a jolly mentor character, Jozic – only to discover that, perhaps, their new mentor has a past that will come back to bite them.

Watch the trailer for Rail Route: The Story of Jozic: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ragwNg78ofk&t=31s&ab_channel=RailRouteGame

The Story of Jozic will feature:

  • A fully-voiced narrative, featuring multiple unique characters alongside illustrated cut-scenes.
  • An expanded tutorial, giving players the chance to really dive into the Rail Route experience.
  • An all-new ability for players to choose from multiple-choice dialogue options.
  • Secret narrations, easter eggs and hidden paths abound!

Rail Route: The Story of Jozic releases hot on the heels (or, tracks) of it’s Steam Next Fest debut, where it’s demo earned more than [x number] downloads.

Watch the cinematic trailer for The Story of Jozic here: https://youtu.be/VYcTAeOcVx4

Fans of ‘Rail Route: The Story of Jozic’ join those of Bitrich.info’s premier title, ‘Rail Route’, which serves as the foundation for the former’s gameplay experience.

“We love the traditional sandbox experience, but we wanted to offer more to our players”, Says Zdeněk Doležal, one of the developers of Rail Route. “We wanted to pair the cathartic, soothing experience of Rail Route with a story of intrigue and melancholy – providing a fresh experience for both new and current players.” 

Rail Route: The Story of Jozic is available on Steam now as a completely free-to-play experience.

Play Rail Route: The Story of Jozic on Steam here: 


Join the Rail Route community here:

Discord: https://discord.com/invite/avBjPqT

Twitter: https://twitter.com/railroutegame

Website: https://railroute.bitrich.info/ 

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