• Sat. Jul 2nd, 2022

Vahn’s Quest, SuperPlanet’s NEW Endless Growth Idle RPG, is coming soon!

SuperPlanet’s new indie game is coming very soon!

The global pre-registration period for <Vahn’s Quest: IDLE RPG>, SuperPlanet’s new Endless Growth Idle RPG, has finally begun!

Armed with unique characters and exciting comics stories, let’s take a look at Super Planet’s new indie game: It might just be the game you’re looking for!

1. Help ‘Vahn’ become a brave knight!

‘Vahn’, an apprentice knight for the Grave Keeper Knights, gathers allies and goes on an adventure to defeat ‘Demtoy’, a servant of the devil. As you follow his story, which is shown through colorful and bright cartoons, you will find yourself immersed in an incredible adventure full of twists and turns.

2. Endless Growth Idle RPG

‘Vahn’s Quest’ is based on the easy and simple play characteristics of the Idle RPGs, and the gameplay will proceed with automatic hunting and an idle reward system without any complicated controls. The players will have to clear the stages quickly by focusing on the growth of their hero. Through various growth factors such as leveling up and strengthening, equipment and relics, as well as costumes of various styles, the charms of collecting and nurturing a hero will be felt at once.

3. Games inside the game: Casual Mini-Games!

Although it is an idle game, there are 4 types of mini-games that the players will be able to directly control and enjoy for even more fun. They will have to quickly tap and show their dexterity through mini-games which will allow them to get new experiences and extra fun, as well as bonus materials.

‘Vahn’s Quest’ is available for pre-order on Google Play and Apple App Store in over 170 countries around the world, and special events await the pre-orderers in the community. Come meet Vahn and his friends!

Google Play & Apple App Stores’ Pre-Registration: https://app.adjust.com/4vkhk3n

Vahn’s Quest Official Community: https://discord.gg/8TkqQmNAxQ

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