• Sat. Jul 2nd, 2022

VR Rhythm Fitness Game “Groove Fit Island! has now been released!

The single player VR rhythm fitness game “Groove Fit Island!” has been officially released. This VR game is inspired by various sports such as tennis, boxing, and baseball, as well as everyday activities such as pizza delivery and splitting wood.

Enjoy fitness to the rhythm of the game with unique animal characters!

~ This game is recommended for people such as! ~
・Those who want to play quickly and easily.・For those who love music games.
・Those who want to meet unique animal characters
・People who feel they don’t get enough exercise in their daily lives.
・Those who want to do some light exercise
・People who want to get a light workout.

■Game Information

・Steam Store Page
 $29.99 (including tax)
・Supported Languages
Japanese / English / French / German / Korean / Spanish
・”Groove Fit Island!!” Official Site
・Official Twitter

【Official PV】
Release Trailer 2 | Groove Fit Island!!

■Fit Community “Groove Fit Club”
The “Groove Fit Club” is a fan community in Discord to make the “Groove Fit Series” even better. We would like to evolve the “Groove Fit Series” together with our users by receiving feedback and opinions from them and reflecting them in the game. We are currently developing “Groove Fit Island!” and will also be recruiting beta testers for new mini-games and new features of “Groove Fit Island!

▼Click here to participate

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