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Tile Tale

Byjadiri gamer

Jun 19, 2022 ,

Tile Tale is a game where you push tiles into a grid. The amount of tiles you have is limited and once you’ve used up all your tiles, the game ends. 

If you form geometric fields of the same tile type, for example, a 2 by 2 of forest tiles, you score points and gain new tiles.

Complete challenges to unlock new content!
Find all the different tile types. A lot of them have their own special rules!

Create cool worlds, like islands, swamps or mountain ranges.

Construct a special building tiles, like windmills, a town hall or a rocket! Each building has its own special ability. For example, the windmill turns surrounding grasslands into wheat field tiles each turn. Wheat field tiles yield a lot of points, but less new tiles when combined.

Beware of portals. They spawn evil creatures that corrupt your tiles!

Use special powerups to solve seemingly unsolvable situations.

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