• Mon. Jun 27th, 2022

Ashton Corners V1.1 Hotfix

– Milk triggers fixed (The node idea gone screwed up when I was adding manure in the xml, apologies for this)

– South Cow Barn the milk trigger was not moving properly, now moves to correct position

– Fixed texture issues on all cow barns with slurry pipes, switches, and food plane

– Harvestores fixed, the triggers were moving too far and not in the correct spot for some

– Lely milker label moved to correct position

– Floating harvestore above field moved to correct spot

– Placeables removed: Molasses tank and grinder mill. If the farm doesn’t have one, there is one at the coop (use wagons provided to fill with molasses directly into mixer wagon)

– Sound issue for bins resolved. Removed sound for now to prevent annoyance.

– Removed fuel tank collision

– Added some deco to large machine on grain farm

– Fixed fence clipping through concrete wall on NE farm

– Adjusted fuel tank markers

– Added new corn textures

– Ritchie water tank label texture fixed

– Animated fans in freestalls

– Fixed Harvestore and mineral feed bin textures for NE farm

– Fixed Pioneer sign texture

Note: Some barns are meant to be off the ground so you can load manure into spreader from the barn. The North Bin Site appears to be working properly with the basegame trailers, please let me know if you run into further issues.

Version 1.0 

– Added night lights to various buildings (still need to overall indoor lighting for many buildings)

– Removed the floating auger across the road from the main farm

– Animated barn fans with sounds

– Farmlands completely redone, no more lag when selecting in menu

– Updated land prices (Dane County average is $9,000/acre)

– Fixed grain bin filltypes (added soybeans and oats), labeled the different grain bins, fixed production warnings

– Added bale straw trigger to cow pens, making it easier to bed (Don’t have to shred bales)

– Added solid manure to all cow yards

– Added infotrigger to all cow yards 

– Harvestores reworked with new visuals, can fill with grass to produce silage now

– Removed invisible fence colision in front of house (NE Corner Farm)

– Fixed various warnings and errors in the log

– Shifted pull through shed on the NE dairy to create more room in front of doors

– Added cows to the freestall at the top of the farm

– Added tip collision behind main farm bunks (no more grass piling up behind the bunkers)

– Adjusted capacity of food troughs to 120,000L. At 500 head of dairy cows you should be feeding twice a day.

– Corn Stalk bales now sellable at bale sellpoint

– Added Diesel Tanks

– Made fields owned by farms a tad less (more individual fields)

– Fixed NE Farm Harvestore floating objects

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