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For Game Boys and emulators- elden ring

If playing in browser, click on the title screen for sound!

What if Elden Ring released in 1993? Elden Ring GB is a demake of Elden Ring that runs on real retro hardware including all Game Boy consoles, as well as in emulators and on Analogue Pocket. You can also play it right here in your browser, though the other methods are recommended to allow for saving, better colours and higher accuracy. Explore all of the Precipice of Anticipation, Northern Limgrave and Stormveil Castle in this bite-sized demake experience made in GB Studio.

Hardware controls:

  • A in top down sections- roll
  • A in side on sections- jump
  • A in front of person or object- interact
  • B- attack
  • A + B + Select + Start- return to title screen

Browser controls:

  • Z in top down sections- roll
  • Z in side on sections- jump
  • Z in front of person or object- interact
  • X- attack
  • Z + X + Shift + Enter- return to title screen


  • How do I play the game on hardware?- Download the .gb file and write it to a flashcart. It is a standard Game Boy ROM under 2MB using MBC5. You can also use it with emulators like BGB. If you have an Analogue Pocket, download the .pocket file instead.
  • Why isn’t there any music?– There is only music on the title screen. If playing in browser, make sure you click on the game to start the music. It’s difficult to implement sound in GB Studio 3.0, but I would like to add more in the future.
  • Why did you only make Limgrave?- Because I need to find an actual job instead of working on this game. I would like to expand the game in the future, but no promises.
  • I found a bug! What should I do?- If you find a bug that you think is an obvious oversight, let me know on Twitter @shintendoYT. I am aware of the v1.0 0HP bug, and will fix it soon. Collision bugs and crashes are most likely due to GB Studio stability, and will hopefully be improved in the future.
  • I am crazy, how can I give you money?- The game is free. Wait until my next original project and buy that. If you really like you can support my Twitch channel shintendoTV. And if you’re feeling really crazy, I would like to give away some physical cartridges for free, but they cost money. Let me know if you want to help with that.
  • When is this game getting updated, and what is your next project? Follow my TwitchTwitter and YouTube for more info coming soon…

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For Game Boys and emulators- elden ring gb v1.0.gb512 kB

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For Analogue Pocket- elden ring gb v1.0.pocket512 kB

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