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May 22, 2022

Komorebi is a story that focuses on a group of friends who happen to experience visions of their future; and the fears and anxieties they face as they try to find their own path in a life that may be predestined. But they aren’t the only ones. Almost everybody on this version of Earth experiences the same, and they all live under the watchful eyes of The Argus Corporation; a superpower that demands social order by ensuring that people live in the moment, rather than letting their visions dictate their actions. In this world, your future can shape you even more than your past. Enjoy your new life, Delta…

JerryBerry and Nineki99 deliver stunning background and character art.

Komorebi will be FULLY voice acted. The first chapter is as well! Here’s the cast!

Joel Steudler delivers an amazing soundtrack. Modern sound, classical sensibilities.


Launching alongside Komorebi will be Klace’s first full-length studio album. Based on the character and his backstory in the game, this is considered our first foray into extended universe material. I’ve teamed up with Cassidy Civet, and gathered together a team in the industry to make it happen at the highest possible quality. One of the songs, Encore, is featured in the demo! And down below, you can listen to another song, Hearts and Souls! This album will be on streaming services the same day the final game launches, and we will release a single or two along the way to hype it up. It’s gonna be awesome!https://www.youtube.com/embed/-eGitptl-FU

Komorebi will be 4 Chapters in total.

Chapter 1 will be forever free, with the rest launching as a paid experience.

Any Press/Business stuff can be directed to klace@klace.ca

Join the official Discord server: https://www.discord.gg/klace

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DownloadKomorebi – Chapter One550 MB

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