• Tue. May 24th, 2022

First Person Parkour Video Game Venus Looks for Jupiter Released

Israel – May 5, 2022. Freeware indie developer DancingEngie is excited to announce Venus Looks for Jupiter, has been released for free on itch.io. A first-person platformer with a playtime of around 10-20 minutes, it aims to provide a satisfying and empowering experience while telling a short story that’s all killer, no filler.
 Players assume the role of the titular Venus, as she takes on a short journey across rooftops and interiors to find love WHILE ALSO shooting at red objects with a big, fat revolver. The game is tailored around, and based on, an Israeli song of the same name – so much so that a dynamic music system will do its best to tie the song to a player’s progress. Should they tap into the game’s “flow” and master its mechanics, they are rewarded with being the star of a kickass, fast-paced and unrelenting music video.

Influenced by the likes of Mirror’s Edge and Titanfall 2, along with the movement speeds of old-school shooters like Quake and Half-Life, players’ main interaction with the world is staining its walls and floors with their footprints. Whether players climb further and further up office buildings or climb over obstacles, the game tests their dexterity without sacrificing momentum. There is nothing to explore, and nowhere to go but forward.


Still on the fence? Watch the game’s opening minutes here.

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