• Tue. May 24th, 2022


Survive, build, farm, fight, and explore your way to victory in this open world adventure!

You woke up alone, after a long hibernation, to find out you were living in a strange planet. You don’t have food, clothes or any goods so it’s time to start building a shelter, gathering resources and crafting items to survive in a strange world. Gamera Games and TARO announce that it’s 2D sandbox RPG Keplerth will leave Early Access later this May. The game is available on Steam Early Access for $14.99 / €12,49, though that pricing will change once Keplerth hits full release.

Keplerth is a 2D sandbox that features survival, base building, farming, combat and exploration mechanics while allowing players to play solo or multiplayer. Survive on a hostile planet where maps are generated randomly giving each player a unique experience every time they play. Keplerth lets you choose if you want to live a quiet life on the surface… or face the dangers that lie underground. Manage your farm and reap the fruits of your labor or fight against enemies from different factions, take on dungeons with your friends, and leave your mark on this mysterious world. The choice is up to you!

Keplerth also features a gene editing and skill systems that will allow players to deeply customize their characters. Choose from hundreds of different weapons and tame alien animals to convert them into your faithful companions to unleash your otherworldly alter ego.


  • Explore randomly generated worlds that will let you experience something new every time.
  • Discover a rich biosphere, unlimited resources and all sorts of hidden crises just waiting to arise…
  • Choose your life! Build an elaborate home on the surface, or explore the dangers that lay beneath the surface
  • Edit your genes and skills to push customization options further than you have ever seen
  • Manage your farm, pick up tools, reclaim wasteland, and reap the fruits of your labor
  • Capture alien creatures and train them to be your reliable battle mounts. Saddle up and enter dungeons in style!

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