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The House In The Hollow

Byjadiri gamer

May 7, 2022 ,

The House In The Hollow offers players an immersive, first person, playing experience.

Explore an atmospheric location including an imposing Art Nouveau manor house and its surrounding forest in the mysterious void called the Hollow.

There, only through discovery and problem solving will you be able to dispel the evil preventing your escape and unravel the mystery of what happened to the reclusive English magician and occultist, Francis Barrett.

Can you solve the mystery and escape the hollow?


Francis Barrett was an English magician and occultist who led a reclusive life, spending most of his time in an isolated manor house.

Nestled in a hollow and surrounded by a dense forest, the house was hidden from the world.

Little is known about Francis Barrett beyond his authorship of The Magus, a Celestial intelligencer and compendium of occult and magical information.

Over the many years since Francis Barrett disappeared, people have attempted, without success, to find the mysterious house and discover what happened to Mr. Barrett.

No one can be sure what experiments Francis Barrett performed, or what was conjured up, in that house.

Some who have gone searching for the house have never returned.

FIRST PERSON VIEW – Explore the hollow in a first person view with realistic environments, to heighten immersion.

GAME PHYSICS – Incorporates game physics for both cloth & interior fittings & fixtures.

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