• Sat. Jul 2nd, 2022

Andy & TJ Don’t Save The World

Andy & TJ Don’t Save The World is obviously about Andy and TJ, a couple of simple minded knuckleheads that care about one thing and one thing only: Having a dang good time! Especially when there’s babes involved. But what happens when all the babes get captured by creatures made by gross alien freaks and none of this is Andy and TJ’s fault? You call the police of course! Oh wait, they’re all dead. I guess Andy and TJ are our only hope. Oh boy! D:

Battle against a variety of atrocious creations conceived by our two bodacious buddies in this 90s esk beat ’em up adventure. Play alone or buddy up with a buddy to get the most out of the Andy & TJ experience, buddy. Play the game as Andy or TJ as you make some fat coins and fight your way through 1 action packed level, including a sick-nasty boss brawl rewarding you with nothing. Wow!

Any and all money made from this game will go to our good pal TJ who just had brain surgery. This project was taken on by only two people tasked with finishing the game in one month. There will be future patches so please do not hesitate to comment or reach out to us about technical issues with the game. Thanks for checking it out!


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