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All the clichés you’ve ever heard are true and your life is unfair. Still, there’s no use crying over spilled milk, or, well, Perfumare* in your case.

When the dangers of your job as a rookie narco** catch up with you, intricating you in a series of strange suicides that have befallen the city of Elazar, you quickly realize that you can’t deal with everything alone. 

Or, well, you can try.

The destiny, though, is clear and just like death, it waits for no one.

*A non-addictive yet potent central nervous system stimulant. Used to temporarily increases the strength and level of one’s affliction, and, in rare cases, awaken a gift previously undiscovered.

**As of 1978 Perfumare has been classified as a harmful drug. The use, sale, and possession of Perfumare are illegal under federal law. If you came in contact with Perfumare get in touch with the Bureau of Control and Prevention immediately. 

Woe is life in a dystopian world where roughly 60% of the population is blessed (or cursed depending on the point of view) with afflictions of all kinds and tiers. 

You, someone carrying the burden of being a five, managed to hide the excess of your powers from the government, consequently avoiding the conscription into the Special Forces. Unbeknownst to you, the incorrect evaluation back at the Academy threw you out of the ashes and straight into the fire.

Features: fully customizable protagonist, 3 romanceable characters, replayability

Genres: : dystopian urban/dark fantasy

Tags: crime, mystery, romance (it is not a horror game)

Rating: contains content unsuitable for children under the age of 17. See below.


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FAQ: pinned post + [here]

This story is a work of fiction, set in a DYSTOPIAN country. Some of the events, backstories, or choices might be (and should be) morally reprehensible for an ordinary person.

Furthermore, Perfumare is rated MATURE for: scenes of explicit violence, strong language, mind-altering substances (including alcohol and tobacco), themes of crime, death and suicide, mentions of injuries, hospitals, asphyxiation, nausea and vomiting, mind control, psychological trauma, nightmares, temporary amnesia.*

Proceed at your own risk.


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