• Fri. Jul 1st, 2022


Do you remember the Califonication video from Red Hot Chili Peppers?

I wanted to play that game so bad! it’s 2022 and i haven’t seen anyone made the game so I challenged myself to create it.

I have selected some epic moments from the video and turned into 7 levels each one with different game mechanics, I hope you like this game.


The game doesn’t contain music, you can find some buttons in the game with some youtube links to play the official Califonication song or some covers if you want to play on streaming.


Move = PC Arrow keys / Controller Joystick

Jump = PC Space / PS controller square / Xbox A

Change camera = PC C key / PS controller triangle / Xbox Y

Change snowboard board = PC B key / PS controller circle / Xbox X

Show/Hide HUD (life, coins, map) = PC H key / PS controller L1 / Xbox L1

Pause = PC ESC key / PS controller Pause / Xbox R3 (right joystick click)


– Ko-fi
– Buymeacoffee


Miquel Camps Orteza
– Twitter– LinkedIn
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DownloadCalifornication.zip275 MBDownloadCalifornication_mac.zip288 MB

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