• Mon. Jul 4th, 2022

Starsand Brings A New Update For Your Furry Friend

Starsand finds a 20% discount amongst the sands

Oberhaching, Germany, February 24, 2022 – Lonesome expanses, dunes and sand everywhere around you. The oppressive silence, the desperate loneliness.  All that changes with the friendship of a furry companion! Your camel becomes a faithful companion and bit by bit your trusted friend!

For all those who have already grown very fond of their camel, the developers of Tunnel Vision Studio and publisher Toplitz Productions present the perfect enhancement: The CAMEL UPDATE.

Probably the furriest update in desert history, allows you to change the name of your camel at will. There are no limits to your creativity! A brand new saddle will make your eyes pop. It is definitely a must-have, but it also makes riding and transporting goods easier. As a special highlight, you are able to attach a sunshade to your saddle. So you can ride in a comfortable shadow through the blazing hot desert, towards your next adventure.

Of course, the update also includes numerous other improvements and novelties! Sharpen your senses, look closely and find some new items in the rocky desert!

Get all details about the update here: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1380220/Starsand/

You are ready to start your desert experience now? Register for a preview key on:  Lurkit: https://www.lurkit.com/campaigns/starsand or directly here: https://forms.gle/WntYWwX3dz6GUHEw5

Presskit: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/4vthirleiwl957o/AAA52rz7q0Ofg0cdm_zrIJSEa?dl=0

Insidervideo: https://youtu.be/iewbEs4wiMk

About Tunnel Vision Studio
Tunnel Vision is a small creative studio, ready to take on the world wielding RAM sticks, dressed in GPU-coated armor, with a VR visor as a helm. We charge towards the future guided by technology, but we also carry on our shoulders a bundle of memorabilia from the ’90s, trophies of a childhood we barely escaped.

Tunnel Vision’s team are valiant geeks based in Rome, not willing to surrender to the allure of countries with fiber optic broadband and unhealthy food. We make a living out of what we like to do: everything involving virtual reality, video games, electronic music, cutting-edge technology, and coding.

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