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Ashes to ashes, welcome to DUST: BATTLE BENEATH. In this RUN AND GUN GAME you take orders from a somewhat questionable boom box that answers none of your questions, telling you to blast your way through the underground, while you try to decide who lives and who dies … and how often “who” dies … and … why this “who” keeps dying?? Whoever said being a gopher would be easy?


• Deadly scenarios

• Chaotic gameplay …heheh

• Bullet … many of the bullet

• Questionable  motivations

• Newly generated level every time ya play

• Rough arcade mode

• Stupid enemies that will kill you

• Not so stupid enemies that will kill you

• very very stupid comrades that will kill themselves

• Gear and loot in each run

• Nap time!

• Will you seriously kill the crying nerd?


(These are configurable in game)

A = move left

D = move right

W = jump

1,2,3 = slot keys

Space = Build key

Mouse + right click = shoot

Mouse + left click = build

Gamepad implementation works but is a little clunky is broken for now in this build…hey, alpha, Am I right?


• Flips save lives.

• Hint: Talk to the radio first.

• Place a block under you immediately you jump to climb straight up.


The dust gallery is a collection of 22+ images including concept art, cool pictures and (cheesy) memes. There are also 10+ variant images, which are different versions of some of the ~22 images in the gallery.

 In total there are 34 images…Oh! And … heheh … one-No!-TWO chapters of a type of fanfic or something I wrote based on the world of Dust: Battle Beneath. I put a lot of ~passion~ into every image in the gallery (well, except for historic sprites) so I hope you will enjoy it. Go and download the gallery!


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