• Sun. Jul 3rd, 2022

Get Injected Into The Living World of Bio-Gun.

Dallas, United States, February 22nd, 2022 – Dapper Dog Digital is almost ready to unveil its first title Bio-Gun, a 2D Metroidvania Shooter that will debut as a demo in Steam Next Fest. Blast your way through infected regions of a dog’s body and make things personal by naming the dog that you’ve been tasked with saving. Explore multiple branching paths in this action-packed side-scrolling adventure!
Watch the gameplay demo here

About Bio-Gun Engineered by the enigmatic DocX, join Bek, a vaccine created from pig DNA, on his mission to save his creator’s dog from the destructive Dooper Virus. Befriend cells along your journey, and fight to save vital organs from failing before it’s too late! Will you be the vaccine to save dog-kind from extinction or will DocX have to go back to the drawing board?

Explore a microscopic world full of cells, organs, bacteria, and viruses. Befriend Nisms and use those friendships to learn more about the living world around you, and discover secrets that can affect the world you’ve been injected into. Upgrade your arsenal and stats by trading globs (in-game currency) with the local shopkeeper or finding globs scattered throughout the corridors of the body.

Key Features

  • This time it’s personal – Not only do you control Bek, but you also get to choose the name of the pet you’re fighting to save!
  • Look Ma’ two hands! – Take control of Bek with classic side-scrolling twin-stick action. With full controller support, players can also use the D-Pad and fully customize the controls.
  • No one left behind! – We’d never forget M&K enthusiasts. Featuring some of the most intuitive mouse and keyboard support since the advent of the opposable thumb. Customize the control settings to your heart’s content. A Metroidvania has never played any better until now.
    • Featuring traditional 2D frame-by-frame animation.
    • Metroidvania style exploration. Bio-Gun puts the vein in Metroidvania!
    • Upgradeable arsenal of weapons and stats, to improve your play. 
    • Scannable NPC’s, Enemies and Items, with a log book that lets you review your adventure. (Not available in the Demo)
    • Music that will get the blood pumping! Composed by Juhani Junkala

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