• Fri. Jul 1st, 2022

Claws Out! Super Catboy Has New Demo for Steam Next Fest

Watch the new ‘90s commercial-inspired trailer and leap into action with the new demo!

Wiesbaden, Germany – 22nd February, 2022. If you thought a 16-bit pixel art game about a punk-as-F#@! kitty cat couldn’t be done, think again! 

Today, Assemble Entertainment and developer Pixelgogo are ecstatic to reveal an all-new Super Nintendo-inspired trailer for Super Catboy, celebrating the release of a new demo as part of Steam Next Fest. The outrageously fun claws-out action-platformer is slated for a release this summer and tells the tail of the eponymous Catboy and his spunky sidekick, Weapongirl. 

The two unlikely heroes, armed to the teeth, will travel across a variety of treacherous biomes and claw their way through hordes of beastly dog soldiers to take down the nefarious Dr. Ungefug. Through icy mountains, dense and dangerous forests, and desolate factories, the duo will take on waves of fur-midable enemies in this high-action adventure inspired by the “best in show” platformers of the ‘90s.

Super Catboy melds its retro high-bit pixel art style with modern, fast-paced run-and-gun mechanics to create a truly paw-inspiring gameplay experience. Play the new demo here.

Watch the funky new Super Catboy trailer here

A full press kit for Super Catboy is available here

Early requests for review code can be registered here 

Super Catboy launches Windows PC and Mac via Steam and GOG in Summer 2022. For more on the game and the development team, visit the official site at http://catboy.de. The fine folks at Pixelpogo also published their first Dev Blog, providing an inside look at the creation of Super Catboy.

To learn more about Super Catboy and add the game to your wishlist, visit the official Steam store page hereSuper Catboy will launch on Windows PC and Mac via Steam in Spring 2022. For more on the game and the development team, visit the official site at http://catboy.de.

To keep current with all things Super Catboy, follow the game on TwitterFacebookInstagram, and join the official Super Catboy Discord server.

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