• Fri. Jul 1st, 2022

Latest Update for Those Who Came Introduces a New Tutorial System

As Early Access co-op survival game nears launch, new gameplay elements emerge

Barcelona—February 18, 2022—RollDBox is pleased to announce that its upcoming sci-fi game in Early Access, Those Who Came, will receive a major update on Friday, February 25th. In this cooperative survival game with RPG elements, players can expect a simplified tutorial system that will guide them through choosing Energies and how to use them with the Shapers.As a Sainen, the suit you wear is your battery and the source of your abilities. Charge your suit by absorbing energy from the environment and choose among the four Energies–Firei, Ether, Airy and Jointer–the one most attuned to you. The Shapers will enable you to leverage your energy for maximum effectiveness. Additional game updates in this build will streamline the levels of Energies and degree of achievement, as well as address several bugs. In Those Who Came, players will have to work as a team to survive and thrive on a hostile planet. You are the last of the Sainen — a species who faced near-extinction after the collapse of their planet. Hoping for their kind to survive this cataclysmic event, they sent forth a ship of explorers, frozen in a cryogenic state. After detecting a suitable planet more than two centuries later, your mission begins: tame the deadly planet of Solarus and build a new home for your people. But you won’t be alone. You will have to work with the Torek, the native species of Solarus, to bring the planet back to life, forging a deep and strong connection in the process.
Key Features

  • Work cooperatively toward a global objective of healing Solarus and having a planet to call home. This is not just your story, but an epic tale of forging a new life together.
  • Choose between different types of suits, mods, and abilities and tailor your character to fit your personal playstyle.
  • Gather materials and salvage equipment in missions, using them to create new suits and mods that will enhance your appearance and abilities.
  • Play together with others, exploring the surface of Solarus in a PvE environment, or fight against other players in the Stadium to score valuable bonuses.

As Those Who Came nears its full release, some optional gameplay features will come out of the game to be refreshed and optimized for future post-launch updates while other exciting features will be introduced at launch for the first time. Be sure to join the Discord community to give feedback and discuss the game with other fans. Follow the game on InstagramRedditYouTube and Twitter.
 For more information, visit the Those Who Came Early Access page on Steam.

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