• Wed. Jun 29th, 2022

Help Buck bring his friend back in this comic comedy adventure!

Buck Bradley: Comic Adventure is coming to Nintendo Switch

RedDeer.games announces the release of the comic adventure, point and click game Buck Bradley: Comic Adventure, full of humor and riddles to solve.  The game will be released on Nintendo Switch later this year.

Watch the new trailer NOW: https://youtu.be/8Z8hjeBSyEo

Explore a landscape reminiscent of the world of a western, make good decisions by drawing the right conclusions, solve puzzles and make your friend regain her proper-human form!


Buck Bradley: Comic Adventure takes place in the world of Terrastramba – a post-apo style country, destroyed by toxic pollution, that changes people into mutants. 

Your friend (or maybe more than just a friend?) Ciroki transforms into a little monster by a pink cloud… Yes, you read that right, a pink cloud. 

As a not-so-great Buck you’re on a quest to bring her back to her true form. 


On your way, you will have to solve many unusual puzzles, full of quirky but funny jokes.

Terrastramba is full of bizarre characters and hilarious situations. And the riddles require you to move your head, feel the situation and sometimes think outside the box!  

After all, this is the world of comics! Speaking of… 


Buck Bradley’s comic book-styled world features wonderful drawings, combined with a fantastically created world. 

In addition, it is a story with a message to bring the issue of environmental risk to younger viewers, with the help of funny characters and situations, puzzles, and an interestingly created world. 


 • Comic book style pouring off the screen
    • A post-apocalyptic world, affected by an environmental disaster 
    • Funny characters involved in absurd situations, pure comedy 
    • Many interesting puzzles, often challenging 

For more information on Buck Bradley: Comic Adventure, please visit the official RedDeer.games Twitter account, RedDeer.games official Facebook fanpage,  RedDeer.games official Discord Server, and RedDeer.games website.

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