• Wed. Jun 29th, 2022

The Ballad Singer: Knights Templar was announced today through a teaser and the publication of the Steam page.

TBS: KT is the sequel to The Ballad Singer, the Italian record on Kickstarter in 2017.

A fundamental aspect of the saga is the narration, which in the new chapter will be present with a professional narrator. The story itself will be the common thread of the entire gaming experience through a system of main quests that form the story and situational quests that enrich the gaming experience by introducing narrative variations.

As per tradition, the events will be fully illustrated, with the possibility for the player to undertake different narrative paths.

The similarities, however, stop there. In the new title there will be an important management component where various activities can be carried out including the admission of new postulants to the Order, the construction of buildings and the dispatch of military expeditions.

The setting of the title is purely historical and covers both the foundation of the Templar order and some of its vicissitudes that really happened in the Holy Land.

The combat is particularly innovative, in fact the attention is paid to the single blow struck by the warriors. A particularly rich deckbuilding system allows each unit to create its own skill set, in such a way as to reflect its characteristics and the equipment used. Furthermore, each Templar has their own past, a set of unique characteristics and a personalization that makes them truly different from their brothers in arms.

The Ballad Singer: Knights Templar release date has not yet been announced.

It will be released for PC through Steam.

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