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“Seven Wonders – Chapter 2.5: Olympia” 
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Uncharted Waters Online

A new Legacy, the arrival of the Grande Ganadors, new production categories and features pushes UWO beyond the Horizon

Vancouver — February 9th, 2022 — In the 4 years since Papaya Play took over the stewardship of Uncharted Waters Online (UWO), it has continued to adapt and improve, always with its global audience in mind. February 9th marks the release of UWO’s newest chapter of Seven Wonders – “Chapter 2.5 – Olympia”. This update builds on the mechanics and adventures introduced in Seven Wonders and offers maritime enthusiasts the greatest challenge yet!


UWO is a historical sailing MMO set in the mid-17th Century, the exciting Age of Discovery, when there still remained unknown corners of the globe to explore. As Captain of your own ship, you are free to make your mark on the world and propel yourself to fame and fortune. Earn a living through trading, exploring, racing, or battling pirates (or turning to piracy yourself). Details of all the latest refinements and additions to these diverse options are revealed below:

Expanding on the legacies of Seven Wonders, Chapter 2.5 features a new Legacy Theme for Captains to decode. These Themes involve untangling a trail of historical clues with the aid of the mysterious Book of Wisdom and helpful acquaintances found along the way. The ultimate goal – to reveal the pinnacles of Human Heritage.

Also in this Chapter, the most battle-hardened Captains are tasked with defending the Command Center from a terrifying new threat – the Grande Ganadors. More industrious Captains can now access a new class of Pursuit Production in order to set the desired tone for any space they wish. Even more additions await, including new tweaks to Sailor Equipment and an advanced naval battle map, which can be upgraded further.

New Legacy Theme

With help from the Book of Wisdom and an adventurous lad named Franz, track down the ancient secrets of our Human Heritage. Search for another of the Seven Wonders of the World and experience history first-hand.

Rise of the Grande Ganadors

The arrival of the Grande Ganadors heralds the most challenging maritime experience to date. With a fleet the size of a National navy and never-before-seen abilities, this threat will put your resource management and teamwork skills to the test. Whether you do so for glory or for the safety of the seven seas, defeating a Grande Ganador might let you claim some of their power for yourself.

Pursuit Production: Phonographs

Phonographs are the newest class of item to be Produced and Mastered, opening up an entire world of UWO music to play at your convenience. Combine this effect with the Chair and Bonfire Pursuit Productions and command your domain like a true Captain.

For more information on the newest expansion: Seven Wonders – Chapter 2.5 Details 

Official Site and Download: https://uwo.papayaplay.com/uwo.do

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/OfficialUnchartedWaters 

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