• Sun. Jul 3rd, 2022

About an Elf Has Finally Arrived on the Nintendo Switch™ system!

Austin, United States, February 10th, 2022 – The time has come to experience a rollercoaster ride into the unknown as Meringue Interactive launches its irresistibly interesting debut title, About an Elf, a point-and-click fantasy/adventure RPG that is now available on the Nintendo eShop for the Nintendo Switch™ system!
Watch the announcement trailer here

About an Elf is a visual novel with light RPG elements and point-and-click gameplay where you navigate your way through a fantasy world as the titular elf, Princess Dam, and her feline sidekick Roland! Search for Elftopia, a magical, and happy place that once was free and open to all, but is accessible no longer. 

More on About An Elf The game’s story, unlikely as it may seem, can be considered autobiographical. Many key events are inspired by the real-life experiences of the development team. 

From the desperate struggle to save a dying creature accidentally caught in a glue trap, to the loss of dear pets and loved ones, childhood memories are given a magical coat of paint and experienced again as new. The development team can even confirm that a version of Roland the Cat did exist in real life, though the extent of his heroic feats may have been exaggerated for this adventure!

Key Features

  • Five-hour-long, story-driven adventure.
  • Point-and-click exploration for casual and intuitive gameplay.
  • Pre-rendered graphics in the vein of 90’s classics, but with current-gen polish.
  • Explore four miniature worlds and sixteen mini-dungeons that, small as they may seem to us humans, are wondrous expanses for a little elf.
  • Decipher the mystery of the magi balls, and employ their power to achieve total victory.
  • Fight an assortment of evil monsters, each more monstrous than the last.

About Meringue Interactive Meringue Interactive is a new, and very tiny, indie studio debuting with its first video game. Based on Austin, TX, its founding members have over a decade of experience developing interactive training applications.

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