• Sat. Jul 2nd, 2022

Refreshing Chemical Warfare: Weaponized soda saves Earth! 

Ray Flower Games announcing Captain Soda on Steam

Engage in refreshing chemical warfare by wielding weaponized soda to defend Earth from waves of invading aliens! Captain Soda is a charming soda-themed arena shooter inspired by Super Crate Box.Gameplay overview:Customize your loadout of weapons and accessories to gear up. Splatter those aliens with their one weakness in level after level of intense challenge — just be careful not to run out of soda and catch yourself thirsty! Refill your stock of bubbly death in Charge-and-retreat combat gameplay.


  • A unique soda experience — For the first time, play with cool soda weapons as you melt aliens in a silly and refreshing game
  • Much more than a Super Crate Box clone — Taking inspiration from the critically-acclaimed game, Captain Soda features many more levels, enemies, unique weapons and new mechanics to satisfy your craving for arcade-style gameplay
  • Play how you like — Choose from a wide array of weaponry and character-enhancing accessories to customize your loadout
  • A challenging level-based campaign — Discover challenges and surprises for you to enjoy at your own pace

A little bit more about the project’s development:
Captain Soda was inspired by Super Crate Box along with Vlambeer’s other games. For the soda theme I thought the idea of “soda weapons” would be cool and since there were no other games which had any meaningful soda mechanics or themes, I decided that this was a great opportunity to make a unique and compelling experience. I started development of the project back in October of 2020 and through development I have consulted with and was mentored by Gabriel Dal Santos Chaves — co-owner of Pixel Cows and founder of Pro Indie Dev (PID).
Store page:https://store.steampowered.com/app/1862950/Captain_Soda/?utm_source=GamesPress&utm_campaign=announcement
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