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Bloodborne PSX

Byjadiri gamer

Feb 6, 2022 ,

Travel to the gothic Victorian city of Yharnam, whose blood-soaked roads are filled with unspeakable terrors hidden behind every corner.

Wield over 10 unique hunter weapons using the Strategic Action Combat system to vanquish your foes. Dodge incoming attacks with your hunter’s quick step ability, parry enemies with your quicksilver firearm, and transform your trick weapon to tailor your loadout for any encounter in this new, next generation 3D experience that blends RPG and Action in a way you’ve been seen before.

Only one question remains: Can you survive the night?

*Sony, SCEA, and FromSoftware are not affiliated with this fan project. All content is the property of their respective owners.

Gamepad Controls:
Move: D-Pad
Rotate Camera: Left and Right Trigger
Attack R: R1
Attack L: L1
Lock On / Interact: Face Button Bottom (PS1 X)
Use Quick Item: Face Button Top (PS1 Triangle)
Cycle Quick Items: Select
Dodge / Sprint (Hold): Face Button Right (PS1 Circle)
Walk: Face Button Left (PS1 Square)
Pause / Back: Start
Navigate Menu: D-Pad
Select Menu Option: Face Button Bottom (PS1 X)

PC Controls:
Move: WASD
Rotate Camera: Left and Right Arrow
Attack R: Up Arrow
Attack L: Down Arrow
Lock On / Interact: E
Use Quick Item: R
Cycle Quick Items: Tabs
Dodge / Sprint (Hold): Space Bar / Shift
Walk: Left Crtl
Pause / Back: Escape, Q
Navigate Menu: Arrow Keys
Select Menu Option: EnterMore information


DownloadBBPSX_1.04.zip142 MB

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