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Introducing Vigor Chronicles: Perseverance, New Encounter Map and Story

PRAGUE, Czech Republic, Monday, January 31, 2022 – Bohemia Interactive announced Vigor Chronicles: Perseverance, a new chapter in a series of chronicles that give players insight into the stories of characters in the Outlanders universe. The new update which will be released on February 2nd, 2022 is introducing a brand new story to listen and follow, a new Encounter map, a new consumable in the form of an Improvised Mine, the new Remy M870 shotgun, shotgun, and rifle reworks, and various quality of life changes. 

Watch the trailer:https://youtu.be/WHdVRm1vKoU

Show Perseverance in Adversity!

Through the new update, Bohemia is following the path set with Vigor Chronicles: Vengeance. That means, each Season’s story and lore will be reflected in the name. This time, the story is more down to earth and subtle, leaving hints and clues to connect it with the previous story. All these stories are part of a bigger puzzle that players will have to slowly piece together.

Unfold the Chronicles and show perseverance in adversity! Listen to the tale of Freyja and dive deep into her search for a new home. Explore a story of hardships, heritage, and hope. The church is waiting for you…

Vikings are “coming back to life” in this Battle Pass. You can venture into the Encounters as a fur-wearing, tattooed, horn-helmet Viking equipped with shields and amazing looking backpacks. You can also collect the audio cassettes that are available in Points of Interest (POIs) in Encounters. Additionally, players can enjoy the brand-new Encounter map called Kjerstin, the mighty Remy M870, the new Improvised Mine consumable, and test out the weapon reworks that were done for this update. There is so much more to discover. Check out Vigor’s website for more information.

Chronicles: Perseverance includes:
●       Brand new Battle Pass of Chronicles: Perseverance ●       Encounter map: Kjerstin ●       Special issue weapon Remy M870
●       Improvised Mine
●       Cassette tapes and cassette player (available in POIs in Encounters)
●       Shotguns and sniper rifles rework
●       Brotherhood of Sol Pack in the platform stores

Vigor is available on Xbox, PlayStation & Nintendo Switch.For PR materials such as trailers, screenshots, and key art, please visit our updates page and download the Press Kit located at the bottom. Become part of the Vigor community onTwitter and Facebook

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