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Goblet Grotto

Byjadiri gamer

Jan 29, 2022 ,

A mysterious cavern, filled with goblets…
Beautiful goblets, glistening goblets!
Calling to you from the depths..! The song of the goblets!
Can’t you hear it? La, la… La, la la la….
Don’t die, don’t fall down a hole.
In this world, you must collect the goblets – the beautiful goblets that are the treasure of our dreams.

Exciting action RPG
from thecatamites + Winter K + Tommy Tone

Comes with
– Game executable
– Heiroglyph guide
– Paragraph booke
– Monster list

Arrows / WASD to move toad around
Mouse for Menus
Space to execute Castle Doctrine

Soundtrack: https://trashtronix.bandcamp.com/album/goblet-grotto
Voice commands by DDay

Originally released October 2012. Recommended to be played in 800×600 resolution, the highest commercially available.

NOTE: This is the rare “v1.1” edition of the game cracked by UltraGenjin92, featuring various fixes and adjustments. Press L on the title menu for Secrets Mode. Secrets Mode may invalidate your life warranty. You have no rights, now. Please have fun in Secrets Mode.More information


DownloadGobletGrotto_v1.1_WIN.zip70 MBDownloadGobletGrotto_v1.1_MAC.zip74 MBDownloadGobletGrotto_v1.1_LNX.zip76 MB

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