• Tue. May 24th, 2022

The technological bases of our 2022 Metaverse, Blockchain, Gamification and AdTech

By Maximo Cavazzani, CEO & Founder of etermax

Those of us who work in technology know that great changes do not happen overnight, although sometimes it seems that way. For this reason, as part of the balance of 2021 and the perspectives we have for 2022, I want to share the main trends that we have been following at etermax. These axes are aligned with the projects we are working on this year to continue connecting communities around the world, leaving our mark and being industry trailblazers.

We are part of a very dynamic and global sector that invites us to constantly innovate. As part of our DNA, we are always ready to explore, experiment and capitalize on learning to reach unimagined places and surprise the market with disruptive and pioneering proposals. This is what we have done since our early stages, developing the first application to buy and sell shares through the iStockManager mobile and then with milestones of global reach in the world of gaming such as Trivia Crack and Word Crack, with the creation of the new concept of Brand Gamification for the marketing and advertising industries and organizations, or with the development of efficient technologies for digital advertising around the world.

This 2022, we are prepared to surprise the market accompanying the great technological trends that our users, partners, collaborators and the industry are waiting for: blockchain, metaverse, gamification and AdTech.

The blockchain world and the concept of web 3.0 are setting a definitive course to become the new economy. To understand the context: the global blockchain market is estimated to go from moving $ 4.9 billion in 2021 to $ 67.4 billion in 2026. And the change is not only quantitative. Both art and finance have been revolutionized by this technology providing unique digital identifiers. Cryptocurrencies have become more accessible than ever, with the emergence of new wallets and technologies, and are fighting to become the new way of saving. On the other hand, NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens)drew a lot of attention in 2021: the purchase/sale of unique digital collectibles made headlines, and made us reflect on the nature of virtual objects, art, and the economy. In addition, there are other uses of blockchain that have to do with data management, cybersecurity or payments, among others. With blockchain, we are talking about digital economies that, like many other trends, already have their roots in video games.

The metaverse, the new social interaction that is here to stay and where we are excited to take steps with our own developments, has taken on great prominence in recent months and gained special relevance when the pandemic forced us to digitize our routine overnight. The big players in technology compete to be the first to create the centralized platform where Internet users spend their time, interact with each other, play, learn, trade and even work. The boom took place in 2021 when former Facebook, now precisely Meta, invested 10 billion dollars in Reality Labs, its metaverse division.  Get your VRs ready because we are just a few steps away from bringing interactive universes within everyone’s reach, only seen in science fiction stories!

The third trend is also linked to the Gaming industry and we cannot avoid mentioning it: gamification. Now, who would you turn to to create an entertaining and engaging digital experience that drives engagement and creates a community? If you thought of a video game developer expert, so did e-commerce, finance, human resources, education institutes and many other companies. That is what gamification is all about: using the resources of game design in processes, applications or platforms of any kind. By placing the game as a tool at the center of the scene, gamification in training, for example, can increase the productivity of a company by up to 50% and engagement by 60%.

Another of our expected star developments for 2022 is located in the field of AdTech, the technology applied to manage and optimize digital advertising, which seeks to simplify and optimize processes, marking a before and after in the operation of the advertising industry. We have our own developments to which we have entrusted the monetization of our products with excellent results and ready to offer to our partners. The integration of our AdTech solution will give the players that make up the business today, advertisers and publishers, competitive advantages of efficiency and profitability in their transactions that until recently were unimaginable.

As a bonus track, and taking into account etermax as a company that analyzes and challenges every decision with data, a segment that is increasingly transversal to all areas of application focuses on Data. We have long talked about the large amount of data that we generate as individuals and organizations. To make sense of the mass of information, find what is relevant, and make it available at the right time, we turn to data analytics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. They are tools that have become essential allies to convert data into knowledge, and allow us to skip mechanical and repetitive tasks to concentrate on what only humans have: creativity. Thus, between 2020 and 2025, automation will not remove but will generate 97 million new jobs in the world.

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