• Tue. Jun 28th, 2022

Cryptid Coffeehouse

everyone’s heard of mothman– big, scary, feathery moth creature that haunts around the outskirts of point pleasant, west virginia– but no one’s ever heard of it like this!

in some random idyllic midwestern town, you meet artemis (aka mothman) at your favorite coffee shop and begin an agonizingly slow burn romance with them.  


  • about 58,000 words and over two hours of playtime
  • sexy human versions of all your favorite cryptids and fantasy creatures
  • i mean it’s a queer slow burn coffee shop au i’m not really sure what else to advertise here!!!!!

this game is free (yay!), mostly due to it’s “in development” nature, but feel free to donate when you download or tip me on my ko-fi page ♡ any spare change will be directly funneled into college tuition and my manga collection.

i have big plans for this game in the future and am considering this an alpha release with many updates planned over the next couple of months (and maybe even years?!), so i hope everyone enjoys this corny little game that was more self-indulgent than anything.
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