• Tue. Jun 28th, 2022

Bella Poarch Teams up with Ragnarok Origin as Ambassador

Recording artists, influencer, and avid gamer talks all things Ragnarok in exclusive interview and takes to social media

Seoul, Korea – January 11, 2021 – Gravity Co. Ltd, the globally renowned developer and publisher of online and mobile games, is excited to announce their collaboration with breakout superstar and recording artist  Bella Poarch for Ragnarok Origin. Since its launch in November, Ragnarok Origin has welcomed players in the US and Canada to revisit the reimagined classic MMORPG which features updated graphics, combat, and quests.

As an avid gamer and anime fan, Bella is a perfect fit for Ragnarok Origin as its full launch has begun. As an ambassador for the game, Bella has posted several Instagram Stories, TikToks, dance challenges, cosplay videos, and livestreams dedicated to Ragnarok Origin. Additionally, the singer sat down with the developer for a candid interview to discuss her love of the fantasy series.


Ragnarok Origin reimagines the classic 2002 MMORPG Ragnarok Online by featuring improved 3D graphics, refined combat, and redesigned quests. Players can choose from one of eight customizable classes and explore a vast fantasy world. Whether playing solo or online with friends, there are dozens of quests to complete, extensive customization, and new friendships waiting to be formed.

Since its launch, Ragnarok Origin has added the new 2nd class option for Acolytes to choose for their job progression, the Monk. As damage-dealers, Monks will use one-handed weapons to destroy their foes with spirits and deadly blows. In addition, the title’s year-end update brought with it the Returning Player Recruitment program. Through January 22, current players of at least level 25 and returning players above level 55 are eligible to participate to earn additional rewards. Active and returning players can visit Sprakki to establish a recruitment relationship.

Ragnarok Origin is available now on iOS and Android in the USA and Canada. Follow Ragnarok Origin on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram. To learn more, please visit the official website here.



  • A classic MMORPG reimagined for the modern era – experience old-school freedom
  • Master six character classes, from stalwart swordsmen to hardy merchants
  • Explore a massive open world, featuring dozens of dungeons and four massive cities
  • Dress to impress! From shining plate armor to the finest in social wear – pick your look
  • Encounter iconic and classic monster designs, like the adorably squishy Porings

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