• Tue. Jun 28th, 2022

3on3 FreeStyle Brings Players Together with the FS Village

Irvine, California – December xx, 2021, 3on3 FreeStyle is reinventing the foundation of social interaction with their all new community driven feature, FS Village.

FS Village is a social playground where players from around the world, across all platforms, can socialize and hang out together. Players can seek out like-minded friends and communicate with each other in-game. Unlike previous game modes, FS Village has its own customizable avatar that will allow players to exhibit a completely different persona perspective.

Thanks to 3on3 FreeStyle’s new cross-platform feature, FS Village brings all players into one, fully integrated channel. PC, Xbox, and PlayStation players will all congregate in one, designated place. Players can form a “Squad” or party in FS Village. This will help to find new teammates and friends without the frustration of needing to sync up via some outside or 3rd party communication method.

In the future, players will be able to interact with NPCs and play a variety of mini games in FS Village.

“FS Village will be the future destination for all things social in 3on3 FreeStyle. We are happy to bring players closer together than ever before, across all platforms and regions”, said Kyung Tae Kim, Director of the FreeStyle Business Unit at Joycity.

Please visit the official 3on3 FreeStyle’s website for more information on all the latest updates and events.

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