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The Machine Demo

Byjadiri gamer

Jan 9, 2022 ,

The Machine will be published through Incube8 and has an official website here: TheMachineGame.com

It is slated to go up for pre-order on Feb 16th 2022.

Please enjoy this playable DEMO build! Controls:


The Machine is a game about a little guy named Girt. Girt lives in the machine. The machine isn’t perfect but it’s the only thing Girt knows. Girt can choose any career he wants… as long as he has good enough test scores! By the way, Girt forgot to study for his tests. Good luck! 🙂

The Machine is a non-linear adventure where you can get different jobs, meet new characters, and try to survive inside the machine. As you progress along different career paths you can learn more about the world and unlock new careers by scoring higher on the test the next time you play. Your choices affect the direction the machine’s society goes. If you rise through the ranks you can change the course of the machine’s history.

I am calling the genre a ‘pancake adventure’ because the story tree is an experimental format where it is short but very wide so that on subsequent playthroughs things can be totally different. If you play through the demo a couple of times and make different decision you will start to see the flexibility of the story!

Thanks for playing!
More information

Install instructions

If you download the rom file you can play it in a Game Boy emulator. I suggest more accurate ones like BGB. Some ones for phones are way too saturated. I like GBC.emu on android.


DownloadThe_Machine_DEMO.gb2 MB

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