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On the fourth floor of an apartment complex in Vienna, five people lead their lonely lives.

Behind door #3 lives the Unnamed, a 25-year-old shut-in:
A smoker, interested in bikes, books and music, in the grip of heavy anxiety and poverty.

By complete chance, the Unnamed would lock themself out of their apartment one fateful night, and be placed in your hands.

The night of the 14th of October 2017 was no ordinary night-
A heavy beating of strange wings filled the air with the scent of smoke, and covered the stars in an ink-like rot.

It is your mission to ensure the Unnamed’s safety as the shadows close around them. Make certain they survive; choose their path carefully.

An Outcry is a narrative, text-heavy horror RPG made in RPG Maker 2003.

As seen on the Haunted PS1 Demo Disc 2021.


  • ~4 hours of gameplay with 2 major, impactful routes to choose from and 5 endings to find
  • Almost 100 fully illustrated cutscene images
  • A haunting soundtrack made up of drone music, post rock, and other eclectic sounds
  • Talking with birds

Content warnings:
Sudden loud noises, flashing images, suicide, abuse, recreational drug use, blood, gore, transphobia, and animal death.

Game director, producer, writer, event scripting, spritework: Quinn K.
Co-director, cutscene art, additional ideas: Kitet Frog
Additional event scripting, additional writing: Parsely, Mark “EmceeProphIt” Stephens
Overworld spritework, battle spritework: Bowser
Additional cutscene art: Oscar
3D-modelling + animation: Kyra
Music: Leaf Let, “hope” groveland, Christoph Frey, Jack King-Spooner, Jordaan Mason, Sophia Alzzarla
Sound effects, audio editing, sound design: 3D63
Voice acting: Jeffrey Vandall
Sensitivity reading: OKSoft
French translation: Leaf Let
Additional assets: Jennifer, Sprite Star, Amon26, Bryce Bucher, Valerie Dusk, Blood Machine
Additional character design (Anne Pierrot): Splendidland
Accessibility consulting, additional tools: Alessa Baker

Don’t disappear like the smoke into the night.More information


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