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Byjadiri gamer

Jan 1, 2022

-“Ape want eat banana, but ape hate ant! Ape collect banana, but want avoid ant!”

Welcome to a super fast onebutton reaction game for the Commodore 64 made by the Megastyle team. 

“Apeshit” is a one button game where you jump from tree to tree while you try to avoid the scary insects. On the left tree Ape slides down the trunk, and on the right side ape climb up. Try to pick up bananas to gain extra points, but watch it so you dont jump into a branch while trying to pick it up.

Plug a joystick in port 2 on your C64 and press fire to jump. This game is especially made to be used with the SIBUGA controller to get the ultimate one button experience.

The game has a built in trainer, you can activate it on the title screen by pressing F8. Note that once you have started the game with cheatmode activated, you will not get a save highscore

Programmed by Docster
Coding help by Geir S. 
Graphics by Pixelburner
Music by Magnar
Loading music by Lukhash
Instructions Petscii by Rotteroy
Instructions viewer by Scroll
Testing by Endurion, Roysterini, Craig Derbyshire, Geir S, Rotteroy, Pixelburner and Docster.

So… Go ahead!! Go nuts!! GO APESHIT!!!More information


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