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Byjadiri gamer

Dec 27, 2021

Dolchio is a story-focused RPG Maker game where you play as Dolchio the automaton. Help him make his wish come true in this wintery adventure!

The game is over an hour long with one ending. Hope you enjoy!


Z / Enter to interact

X / Esc to cancel/ open menu

Hold Shift to run

Hold Enter to fast forward text and cutscenes

Please let me know if you come across any bugs, typos, or any other problems! I tried my best to catch them all but I may have missed a few. 🙂

*I have fixed the sewer game freezing bug. For the new version, I believe the game still works if you copy and paste your save files folder from the old game version into the updated folder, but if not please let me know at what part of the game you were at to provide you a game with a save file up to that pointMore information


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