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Fling to the Finish Winter Update Available Now

Hamburg, Germany – Dec. 15th, 2021 — The holidays are upon us and we’ve got a special update from the team over at SplitSide Games because today, they launch the Winter and Bowling Update:

“Hello everyone! We hope you’re bundled up with friends and family and ready for the Winter Season! This month you’ll be able to compete in our Holiday event, master our two new SHOCKING race abilities and play our brand new level: Loony Lanes!Loony Lanes has you sliding down bowling lanes of the 70s and 80s. You’ll have to transition from the slippery lanes lit by neon lights to the dark, treacherous, mechanical under-workings of the bowling alley operation. This level is fully featured with every game mode!The core of the Holiday season will be a community competition between Team Jolly and Team Snowman. Choose a team, receive your team skins, and compete in Matchmaking races. Whichever team has the most wins at the end of the season will receive a special skin of their team mascot. We’re so excited for you to play our Brand New Level and compete to be the victor of the Holiday Season!Team SplitSide”

Here’s a look at everything included in today’s update:   Levels

  • A brand new level: Loony Lanes

Race Abilities

  • That’s Shocking! Electrify your opponents with a surge of static electricity that gives them a ZAP at the most inopportune times!
  • Stick Pulse! Give yourself the power to send out a shockwave every time you stick! Use it to blast away your opponents or defend yourself from pestering obstacles!

Holiday Community Competition Team Jolly

  • 1 Character: Jolly Jingle
  • 4 alternative skins 

Team Snowman

  • 1 Character: Snowman
  • 4 alternative skins 

General Game Patch Notes

  • The visuals showing you where your rope is when obscured by objects has returned
  • The colors of your character’s stick goo is now properly synced across the internet
  • A team that has the laser ability can no longer be cut be other lasers

Players who want to check out Fling to the Finish before buying it can now play the free demo on Steam.
For more information, follow SplitSide Games on Facebook, the Fling to the Finish Twitter channel or check out the official Steam page. 

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