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London, UK
14th December 2021

“Sherlock Holmes: The Case of the Hung Parliament”, a full-motion video adventure game created by theatre company Les Enfants Terribles and VR pioneers, vrisch, has been announced today for Oculus Quest 2.
The game will be launched next year after premiering on the Oculus App lab. The deductive adventure is the first VR game to feature interactive motion video characters you can interrogate and locations you can scour for clues. Join up to seven other players in the game to visit locations all over London, then meet in the ‘Mind Fortress’ to construct a case against your prime suspect. The game challenges you to solve a typically absorbing Holmesian whodunit written by prolific theatre writer Anthony Spargo and Artistic Director Oliver Lansley, whose collective work spans books, tv, theatre and even Netflix productions.

The concept, which initially debuted as an immersive live production, ‘The Game’s Afoot,’ at Madame Tussauds in 2016, was adapted to be enjoyed by an online audience on Zoom early in 2021 to cater for homebound theatre lovers. The VR adaption challenged both Les Enfants Terribles and vrisch to push the technology, their writing and acting skills to create a compelling VR experience like no other.
“This kind of technology is still relatively untapped in the theatre world, and so we’re excited to be among some of the first to explore the potential. After the challenges faced by the arts and entertainment industry throughout the pandemic, we’ve had to really take stock of what’s important to the audience and, most importantly, our community. That’s why we’re channelling our energy into creating a more accessible, immersive experience that you can enjoy from wherever you’re based, anywhere in the world,” said James Seager, Creative Director of Les Enfants Terribles.

Gabriella Chihan Stanley, VR Art Director of vrisch, added, “It’s extremely exciting to design a form of narrative where theatre and VR gaming can coexist and benefit from one another, offering both theatre lovers and gamers a new kind of story-based, interactive theatrical gaming experience.”

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