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Complex SKY and Freaked Fleapit Reveal New Trailers at The MIX Picks

A rhythm-based dungeon crawler meets dating sim? Yes, please! A gravity-defying futuristic city builder? Yes, again!

LONDON, UK – 9th December 2021 – Publisher CRITICAL REFLEX is proud to reveal brand new trailers and content for two of their most anticipated games, Freaked Fleapit and Complex SKY, as revealed at The MIX Picks.

Celebrating a year of gaming with Twitch, The MIX Picks showcase is part of The Winter Gathering — a two-day extravaganza dedicated to everything new, now, and next on /twitchgaming.

Viewers were among the first to see new content for two upcoming titles; Freaked Fleapit, a wild cocktail of rhythm-based dungeon crawling and dating sim for PC/Consoles, and Complex Sky; a futuristic city-building strategy game for PC that defies the laws of gravity.

Freaked Fleapit 
Hell never looked this good! Save your soul in a wild cocktail of rhythm-based dungeon crawling and date sims, and dance your way through 9 circles of Hell to heart-pumping music. Which devilishly delicious lady of the Fleapit will be the one to join you on your trip out of Purgatory?

One day, you wake up – only to find yourself in a run-down, dilapidated cinema. A Fleapit, if you will.

Key features

  • An unhinged world filled with neon lights, demonic forces and off-the-wall insanity. 
  • Move to the rhythm of the music – and the music changes based on how you play. 
  • Journey through 9 circles of Hell! Every level is procedurally generated, filled with unique encounters and secret rooms. Defeat devils, demons and other fiends – and face off with a mighty boss at the end! 
  • A cast of larger-than-life characters is dying to meet you –  wait, aren’t they already dead?…. No matter. Get to know each of them through hundreds of unique story events – and choose the one who’ll escape the Purgatory with you. 
  • Several unique endings for each one of the Purgatory’s lovely ladies –  replayability galore! Unlock every one of them to learn the true secrets behind the Freaked Fleapit.
  • Unique multilayered music system. Soundtrack is created by Magnetude!


Developed by Finch Bird Studio, the game is coming to PC and consoles.

Complex SKY
Create a world, unrestricted by gravity. Unite buildings into wondrous formations, gather resources, create production chains and develop the world’s ecosystems – all to build a fully automated, self-sustainable city among the skies.

Complex SKY is a futuristic strategy game that takes place in a world devastated by pollution. You’re tasked with building a fully self-sustainable city in the skies, and populating it with human settlers.

Key features

  • Enjoy a genre-blending mix of city-building gameplay with puzzle and strategy elements.
  • Build beautiful, gravity-defying landscapes – and optimize production lines to keep the city alive and growing.
  • Manage the city’s mass, processing power and other valuable resources to keep the city afloat
  • Populate your utopia with people – assign your workforce properly to ensure stable growth
  • Stack or flip any structure in the game
  • Multiple game modes, from a story-based CHALLENGE mode to a free-range SANDBOX
  • Striking minimalist art style, enhanced by a playful, upbeat soundtrack 


Developed by Complex Blue Studio, a one-man indie creator from Thailand, the game is coming to PC.

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