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Dec 11, 2021 ,

ACT NORMAL! is the first-ever ultra-realistic physics sandbox dating sim! All you need to do is to eat food and impress the girl, just like in real life.


  • Mouse to move the hand, 
  • LMB and RMB to move it down and up
  • Space to grab and release stuff
  • Q and E (or mouse wheel) to rotate the hand
  • Escape to pause. 

Bring food to your mouth to eat.

Almost everything can be grabbed. Almost everything can be thrown. It’s a shame you’re on a date and can’t act like that.

If your mouse acts weird, adjust the sensitivity in the pause menu.

The game was created from scratch during the week-long Houdini Game Jam.


Stas Demchenko – programming, music and sound.

Dmitry Kripakov – 3D-art and design.

Game by Bereg Software.

All assets in the game (including 3D models, textures, sound, and music) were created during the jam. More information

Install instructions

Download, unzip and run the ActNormal.exe


DownloadActNormal.zip101 MBDownloadHoudini source files598 kB

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