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Spellbinding story-driven adventure Sumire launches on Mac & announces for iOS

From the studio that brought Cuphead and Superhot to Japan

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7 DECEMBER 2021 – Developer GameTomo today announces its emotive narrative adventure Sumire is releasing on Mac for both Steam and the App Store, and is coming to iOS in early Spring 2022, having previously launched to critical acclaim on both PC and Nintendo Switch.

Embarking on an enchanting journey with Sumire at dawn’s first light, players are offered the opportunity to experience the perfect day after a chance encounter with a mystical flower spirit. Set out on a magical adventure through a breathtaking Japanese mountain village, brought to life with storybook visuals and a stunning Japanese-infused emotional soundtrack. Discover beauty in the benign in this mythical tale, grounded in the everyday human experience. Make friends, conquer fears, and live your best day to see Sumire’s secret dreams come true.

 For one single day, the realms of the magical and the mundane are one and the same, creating chances for new friendships with plants, animals, and perhaps a statue or two. As the day shifts from dawn to dusk, reflect on love in its many forms, including the often overlooked realities of relationships soured by conflict, loss, or things unsaid. Is a perfect day one spent making yourself, or those around you happy?

>From the studio that brought Superhot and Cuphead to Japan, Sumire blends Eastern and Western storytelling into an ethereal experience with a true sense of self. An original soundtrack by the award-winning Japanese duo TOW and a group of talented supporting musicians brings the storybook world of Sumire to life, creating a vibrant world that players become an integral part of as each decision charts a path to an ending befitting the choices made in pursuit of the perfect day.
  Michael Ely, Director at GameTomo said, “When we created Sumire, we wanted to make a game that would touch players’ lives. The response so far has been amazing, and we hope many more people will find a way to create their one perfect day in Sumire.

Sumire is out now on Mac via Steam and the App Store for $9.99 alongside a free demo, and coming to iOS Spring 2022. Sumire is also currently available on PC via Steam, and on the Nintendo Switch Online Shop.

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