• Mon. Jul 4th, 2022

SEASIDE DRIVING is heading to a PC and consoles

Poland, 12/08/2021 – Indie publisher Tendokore and the developer Frozen Lake Studios are delivering SEASIDE DRIVING to PC and, later, Nintendo Switch and Xbox One.
SEASIDE DRIVING is a relaxing endless driving game. Get into your car and cruise along the coast while listening to an ‘80s inspired synthwave music to pump up the experience. Drive, drift, dodge, jump and collect coins to unlock additional cars and tracks. Just don’t crash!

  • endless driving
  • eight unlockable vehicles
  • five randomly generated tracks with a unique theme & synthwave soundtrack


  • collect coins to purchase cars and unlock tracks
  • snag gas cans to keep on driving
  • avoid oil spills, rocks, utility poles, and other obstacles
  • jump over ramps
  • grab magnets to pull in coins
  • vehicles can slow down or slightly accelerate but not stop
  • switch distance between miles and kilometers
  • enjoy the game and keep your eyes on the road

Official Trailer | PC
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Availability and pricing:
We will announce pricing and availability at a later date.

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