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madvent 2021

Byjadiri gamer

Dec 2, 2021 ,

Amidst a sea of dark isolation you’ve come to call home, her voice beckons. The void melts away, and you drown in moonlight. 

Your eyes adjust, and you find yourself drifting closer towards a small village nestled in the mountains. Houses dot their way up to a peak, a queer religious symbol its climax.

There she prays.
24 Dreams, 24 Days.

Another year passes, and Madvent returns with another 24 games to keep you up until Christmas.
It’s 2Madvent 2Calendar

“…it’s just weird enough to become a Christmas tradition.” – CBR

Organized by Vladimere Lhore.
Launcher by colter
itch.io CSS by iwilliams.

Countless game, art, and music contributions by many talented members of The Haunted PS1 Community! (play the game for the full credits!)

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