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Crazy cauldron

Byjadiri gamer

Nov 30, 2021 ,

Mix colorful ingredients to brew potions for your loyal customers! How many points can you rack up before your cauldron becomes too unstable and erupts?

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Controls: Point and Click

How to play:

  • Drag ingredients to your cauldron to mix colors
  • Drag empty potion to cauldron to fill it up, then drag it to a customer to sell it
  • Click on the right arrow to collect more ingredients in the forest

~ Tips & Tricks for Topping the Master Potion Brewing Leaderboards ~

  • Here is a helpful reference for brewing potions
  • Yellow + Blue = Green, Red + Yellow = Orange, Blue + Red = Purple
  • To make a color more grey/desaturated, add the color opposite to it on the color wheel (linked above)
  • If you get stuck with the wrong color, bottle it up and toss it in the trash to start again!


A game by Quite Good Games – twitter – discord


  • Julien Collins – Programming
  • Fred LePage – Programming
  • Shane Rathle FlamiingPickle – Art and Animation
  • Noah DeWald noah_dewald – Art and Programming
  • Jabbu JakeAndBakeBeat – Music and Sound Design

Tools Used

  • Unity
  • Clip Studio Paint
  • Aseprite

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