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Gator Raid

Byjadiri gamer

Nov 24, 2021 ,

Play as Allie the Alligator and guide her through various dangerous levels down in the Gator Town sewers! Something is causing havoc in the depths, and strange beings have emerged. Find the cause of all the mayhem and save Gator Town from a sew-nami!

We’ve made effort to give players the ability to rebind their controls. The first time playing this game includes a tutorial which can be revisited.

Default Controller mapping: (Xbox controller)
Move Left/Right: Analog Stick
Shoot: B Button or RB
Jump: A Button

Default Keyboard mapping:
Move Left:  A
Move Right: D
Jump: Space
Shoot: LMB or E

In browser (Chrome, FireFox, Edge) press F11 for full screen toggle

The in-game text is localized in 4 different languages: English, Dutch, Swedish and Danish! Some text might be missing as we haven’t translated them from English yet.

How we interpreted the theme:
to split into smaller units, parts, or processes” Which we’ve applied by making the main mechanic of our platformer revolve around the breaking of walls that come at you.


Downloadgatorraid-win.zip21 MBVersion 1.0.2  1 day agoDownloadGatorRaid.zip33 MBVersion 1.0.2  1 day agoDownloadGatorRaid.zip.x86_6446 MBVersion 1.0.2  1 day ago

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