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Nov 22, 2021

Take control of the RECURSOR robot and traverse through a randomly generated labyrinth of trials. Enhance your build by installing a wide variety of upgrades.

RECURSOR’s mechanics takes inspiration from the platform fighter genre with both movement and combat, but also classics in the platformer genre like Super Metroid and Celeste. This combined with randomized levels and upgrades of the rogue-lite genre multiplies the depth and replayability.

RECURSOR has an extensive moveset allowing you complete freedom of movement! For the speedrunners and labbers, RECURSOR comes with a debug mode to move frame by frame, view your current state, see hitboxes and more!

RECURSOR’s artstyle takes the classic pixel art charm and makes use of modern graphics technology to give it a fresh look. Most evidently is the lighting system that casts soft shadows and uses normal maps to create the illusion of 3d.

Inspired by the scifi films and anime of the 80s and 90s, RECURSOR frames the game within a computer terminal / CCTV station that grants the user the ability to monitor and control the RECURSOR robot.More information


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