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Glass Hearts

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Nov 21, 2021 ,

Glass Hearts is choice-driven Boys Love / Yaoi visual novel game that takes place in a psychiatric hospital. In the game you will play as Kai, a young man who has been admitted to The Long River Psychiatric Hospital. Make difficult choices that will affect everyone around you – for better or for worse. 

Remember that what you do and say matters, and sometimes helping one person means harming another.

Genre: Psychological thriller, drama, mystery, romance


A severed body found with clear signs of struggle. Police sirens, blood, an ambulance that came too late. No witnesses. No murder weapon on the site.

When the police drag you in for questioning and detective Peng throws a pile of folders on the desk in front of you irritably, spilling some of his morning coffee with the abrupt motion, you already knew that they’ve already found what they were looking for – a person to convict. Whatever you say won’t make a difference – but your history of psychiatric treatment does.

The court deems you mentally unfit to stand trial, and it’s not long before you find yourself in The Long River Psychiatric Center, a place people like you are sent to when they can’t go anywhere else.

To get help…or to be forgotten?

Glass Hearts is currently in early access.

Planned features:

  • 3 romanceable characters
  • at least 6-7 main routes 
  • one mystery route 
  • dozens of choices at every step, all impacting your story
  • 80,000 – 100,000 words
  • beautiful CGs and unique art style

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