• Tue. Jun 28th, 2022

8 Fascinating Facts about Planet Zoo’s Newest Animals

It’s time to take a road trip and meet the latest additions to the ultimate zoo simulation, with Planet Zoo: North America Animal Pack! We’ve also included some handy tips to help budding zookeepers ensure their animals are happy and comfortable.

First up, it’s the Arctic Fox, whose thick white coats keep them warm in extreme temperatures and provide camouflage against the snow. But did you know that there is actually another colour variation of this adorable animal? The ‘Blue’ morph gives them a charcoal grey coat all year-round, and can be found in Planet Zoo. Watch in-game as they play with the Skittle Feeder enrichment item and dive face-first into the snow while hunting.

The ancestors of California Sea Lions actually lived on land. Over time, they adapted to coastal environments with the development of flippers, and the ability to slow down their heart rate in the water, in order to stay under for longer and catch more fish. Planet Zoo guests are sure to be amazed by their loud and distinctive bark.

Once thought to inhabit almost the entire USA, the solitary Cougar, also commonly known as the Puma or Mountain Lion, is thought to be making a comeback in many areas. Their wide-ranging territory is also reflected in Planet Zoo – their ability to adapt to different environments means they have 5 suitable biomes, the most of any animal in the game. Wherever you choose to place your cougars, keep them entertained in their enclosures using the new Pronghorn Piñata.

Moose are known for their sheer size and weight, with the heaviest moose ever recorded weighing in at a ginormous 820kg, but did you also know that they struggle to tolerate hot weather? The greatest challenge for any budding zookeeper is keeping these giants cool and comfortable on hot days.

One of the most iconic animals hailing from the USA and Canada is the North American Beaver. They’re so good at gnawing wood that they can break through even the strongest wooden barriers around their Planet Zoo enclosure. Zookeepers can keep these industrious critters busy using the Beaver Pool enrichment item to encourage building rather than breakouts!

Living mainly on grassy plains, the Black-tailed Prairie Dog is an ideal enclosure companion for your American Bison. Their long claws help it to dig into the sandy terrain, but they can also put them to good use with the Melon Feeder enrichment.

American Alligators are the largest reptile in North America. Measuring in at up to 5m long, they actually continue growing even into old age! Zookeepers can keep their Planet Zoo Alligators happy using the Underwater Feeder, and should look out for bespoke animations as they climb up into the Platform Float enrichment.

The American Bullfrog, while native to the USA and Canada, is one of the most wide-ranging amphibian species, and has been found as far south as Mexico – they’ve even been spotted in Europe and Asia.

Planet Zoo: North America Animal Pack is out now on Steam for a suggested retail price of £7.99 / $9.99 / €9.99.

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