• Thu. Dec 2nd, 2021

HOT DIGGITY! Steam Workshop Brings the BOOM to Volcanoids!

Drillhead mechs, mushroom clouds, skins, dances, custom guns, tricked out bases, and more—community creativity is hopping now that Steam Workshop has come to Volcanoids!

Prague, Czech Republic, October 18th, 2021—The Volcanoid team is excited to share Steam Workshop support is now live in their Early Access steampunk survival shooter,Volcanoids! With Steam Workshop modders can reshape Volcanoids to their will and change up drillships, guns, armor, buildings, modules, characters, decals, and more.

To celebrate their Steam Workshop release, Volcanoids is on sale this week on Steam for 25% off. 
Watch the Volcanoids Steam Workshop Trailer:https://youtu.be/-_4fOFFwH_M
“With full modding support now in the hands of the Volcanoids community, we’re excited to see just how crazy things will get,” said Volcanoids Marketing Manager, Richard Rampas. “We opened the doors early to a few excited modders in a beta branch just a few weeks ago and we’re already seeing all kinds of super cool mods ready in Steam Workshop. Shout out to Melodic Albuild, Lord Gregory, Labyrinth, and everyone else who’ve jumped in and started creating!” 

At the time of this release, 60 mods are available in the Volcanoids Steam Workshop. Modders excited to join the Volcanoids community can hop on the game’s Discord to ask questions, chat with the team, and share their creations. 

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