• Tue. May 24th, 2022

Eternal Fury Gets New Territory and City War Features in Game-Changing Update

Eternal Fury, Game Hollywood’s popular browser-based fantasy-MMORPG, has just received a game-changing new feature called Territory and another called City War in its latest content update. 

In case you need a refresher, Eternal Fury is a visually impressive MMO that combines features of the simulation and turn-based strategy genres. It sees you summoning mercenaries and commanding them in battle against the forces of darkness. 

You’ll start by choosing a class – Knight, Archer, or Mage – before building a team of up to 24 mercenaries, each of them armed with four unique skills, including legendary skills that you’ll need to unlock through the skill tree. 

Meanwhile you’ll collect weapons, uncover powerful artifacts, construct castles, play mini-games, and, of course, do lots and lots of lovely fighting with other players in the PvP arena.

The new Territory feature unlocks at level 24, and it consists of several different city-building elements, including buildings, troops, and the academy. 

The main building is the Town Hall, and you need to keep this levelled up to maintain the rest of your settlement. A troop, meanwhile, can contain several different Commanders, and the academy lets you increase your charm so that you can unlock more Commanders per troop. 

Promoting Commanders via the Command Center lets you increase your troop size, though recruiting soldiers comes at a cost, with larger troops consuming more food, ore, and wood.

As you can probably already tell, there’s a lot to the new Territory feature. Even the barracks are divided into four different types: infantry, bowman, cavalry, and mage tower. 

Then there’s City War. To launch one of these you’ll first need to unlock a City by clearing all of its levels. You’ll be awarded for winning a City War, and your guild, if you’ve got one, will obtain city sovereignty. 

This means that if another player attacks that city your guild will defend it with stationed troops. If a city is idle, however, the attacker will only need to defeat some NPCs. 

That’s a lot to get your head around. The latest Eternal Fury update has shaken things up massively. City War will update the GVG gameplay in the future too, allowing you to take over other cities as part of a guild.

And the best way to get on top of the new content is, of course, to play it right now on R2Games.

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