• Tue. May 24th, 2022

The wait is over! Welcome to Moonrise Bay – the Luxury DLC is officially out with some exciting features we’ve all been waiting for!


The House Flipper – Luxury DLC was supposed to have only minor content, but the developers went overboard, and now it’s the biggest House Flipper DLC to date. It includes a ton of new mechanics, hundreds of items, and over ten new houses to flip! Oh boy, now that’s a treat! Not to mention it’s available NOW!

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For immediate publication – October 14th, Cracow, Poland.

The past couple of weeks have been intense for all the house flippers out there – Frozen District’s spoilers and teasers flooded everyone’s social media channels. The Luxury DLC, which has just been released, brings to the game quite a few new mechanics, so if you have an extra $14.99 to spend, you can see for yourself what they’ve prepared for us!

No more small houses with dozens of little rooms – size is what really matters! Glass roofs, plate-glass windows, and a ceiling far above your head – this is how royalty lives!

Take run-down tenement houses and old industrial buildings – factories, large commercial buildings, and warehouses – and turn them into luxury apartments.

With the Luxury DLC, we are putting dozens of new furniture types into your hands: classic contemporary, antique, and modern. The multitude of color varieties and modular sets will allow you to modify any room to fit your vision of the perfect home.

Utilizing classic furniture doesn’t mean giving up comfort! With smart devices, you can control your entire home! Change the colors of the lights, open and close the doors, all without getting up from the couch.


– 12 brand-new orders;

– Hundreds of unique items in many variants and luxurious styles;

– Brand-new mechanics: want to renovate antiques and add indoor swimming pools? Sure!

– New narrators with a variety of personality traits;

– City apartments, yachts, lofts, and other types of houses to flip.

House Flipper is designed for players who look for relief and relaxation in their gaming experience. Taking on renovation jobs, arranging, and decorating a house doesn’t require a lot of time. This way, the player can experience the feeling of accomplishment after only a few hours of gameplay. However, who would want to stop playing that quickly with all the content that comes with this DLC?

Frozen District plans to keep its players updated about the DLC and will share exciting updates.

If you’re interested, your best bet is to add the Luxury DLC to your Steam Wishlist and follow House Flipper on Facebook and Twitter.

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