• Wed. Oct 20th, 2021

Not It: Spookiest Edition – A Frightful Tale

Eight people are trapped in Easthollow and must fight through their fears to see tomorrow.

Katie just moved to Easthollow on Halloween. Full of excitement and delight, she greets her neighbors only to be told THE TOWN’S CURSED?! This was NOT what she had planned! Her quiet move-in day takes a nasty turn when Easthollow’s centuries-old legend unfolds.

Could the curse be real? Should she believe? Every choice you make could mean life or death for Katie or the townsfolk of Easthollow this Halloween.

Featured in this thrilling visual novel is a twisted story you’ll never forget with:

  • Over 33,666 words
  • An original, haunting score with 8 tracks
  • Eight diverse characters who may fall prey to the curse or paranoia…
  • Full English voice acting
  • 25 possible endings around who lives or dies
  • A less gore mode, and gore mode for those fearless few
  • 15 illustrated backgrounds around Easthollow
  • 22 monumental CGs showing everyone’s fate
  • Steam Achievements for game milestones

Join Katie as she’s wrapped up in Easthollow’s old legend and thrown into a Hallow’s Eve she’ll never forget – if she can make it out alive! Trapped at the Marigold Inn, she doesn’t know what to believe! Could one of her new neighbors be cursed? Could it even be her? Whether or not the curse is real, Easthollow’s townsfolk are scared, and people could get hurt.

Katie “The Protagonist” – VO: Breanna MacDowall

Mayor “The Public Servant” –  VO: Anthony Sardinha

Joseph “The Coward” – VO: Jonathan Flores

Willow “The Skeptic” – VO: Ariana Rosario

Vinnie “The Outsider” – VO: Ryan Negrón

Officer Mike “The Law” – VO: Duffy Weber

Rita “The Believer” – VO: Hannah HellwigFrank “The Steward” – VO: Timothy Callaway

The Team

Writer – Samantha Lienhard
Editor – Ashe Thurman

Background Artist – Allison Eddy
Background & UI Artist – Hadara Madrak
Character & CG Artist – L. A Harris

Composer – Dmitry Velichko
Sound Design – Jacob Staub

Director – John Madrak
Marketing Director – Courtney Gamache-Owen
Marketing Materials Editor – Lunaterra
Operations – Kristi Jimenez
Recruiting – Mango
Scene Composition – Jacob Staub and Hadara Madrak

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